Effective Communication Skills

We learn to speak, but who teaches us how to communicate well? We discover how to email, text and use the phone and/or video services, but who teaches us to make the most of them? The skills we bring to the workplace are all too often those we learned on the playground, and sadly, they are often simply not effective nor impactful enough to help a company develop a healthy internal culture or successful work practices. 

Communicating clearly, managing difficult conversation, and learning how to effective express our thoughts and ideas in ways that foster collaboration and teamwork are "soft skills" that are all too often overlooked or undervalued until it's too late. 

Does your company need a communication assessment? Do you know that you need to learn specific skills and want a competent and seasoned trainer to build your employee's skills in this area? Look no further. I can create a custom training to address the needs, concerns and outcomes you have. Reach out today and let's talk!


Impactful Behaviors

Behavior issues in the workplace can undermine a company's best business or marketing plan. Billions of dollars each year are lost to productivity issues that can be traced directly to poor employee behaviors, including (but by no means limited to:

  • "Toxic Talk" (gossip, negativity)

  • Emotional Immaturity

  • Inability to Manage Conflict

  • Disorganization and Poor Time Management

  • Resistance to Change

Employee training and coaching can help employees who desire to change learn new skills and build existing ones to become productive and contributing members of your organization. Reach out today and let's strategize on the best training for your team!

Time (and Attention) Management

Time management is about so much more than following a set 'system'. It's as much about managing habits, attention and attitude as anything else. 

Do you find that you and your employees are struggling to reach goals and it feels as if it's a constant scramble to meet deadlines? Do meetings drone on endlessly with little or no measurable action items or impact on outcomes? 

Do your employees produce the amount of work that you believe they are being paid for at the level of quality that you expect? Does your company culture support mindful focus? 

If, by answering these questions, you believe you could use a time (and attention) management consultation, let's talk.



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