Small Business Services

As a successful ‘multi-preneur’, I have created successful companies (and have failed miserably at a few, as well). My  successes and failures have provided me with wisdom that only comes from experience. I have also served as a consultant and workshop facilitator with the Fort Worth Business Assistance Center and the Arlington and Mansfield Chambers of Commerce.Through this community service, I have been able to widen my experience and absorb general information about a wide variety of industries, which I can pass on to my clients. In addition, I worked with TECH Fort Worth, a technology business incubator, for more than five years. This gave me tremendous insight into the world of start-ups, angel investing, and more. 

What do you need to grow? You probably don't know, yet what you *do* know is that you need to talk to someone who will be a sounding board and 'wise advisor'. I might not be the person who can ultimately help your company grow - which is why we need to have an initial consulting session. Let's talk about how to move your business forward. You can find out more about my thoughts and communication style by visiting the 'Zink Links' section of this site.

Previous and current clients include restaurants, private coaches, medical spas, event planners, tattoo shops, trucking companies and more.

CEO Coaching

As a small business owner, you have unique challenges that are different from corporations and start-ups. You might have grown your company to a certain point, and are unsure about what’s next. Perhaps you are interested in importing/exporting, and don’t know where to start. It’s possible that you are struggling with internal personnel issues and don’t understand how your culture became toxic or what you can do about it.

Whatever the issue is, in order to be successful you have to ACT. And as the owner, you are sometimes so immersed in RUNNING the business that you overlook the critical components that make it run smoothly. As a small business coach/consultant, I can draw on not only own experiences, but can avail myself of the skills and talents of the myriad small business experts with whom I have worked for years.


Let's set up an initial consulting session and determine where you are at and what you need to propel you and your business forward.

Small Business Marketing

As a small business, you might be on the 'tipping point' of growth, but not quite ready to hire someone to do your marketing full-time. Sarah Zink Small Business Marketing offers the perfect solution.  With basic and enhanced packages, you can secure the services of an expert team of marketing professionals to create your social media campaigns, manage the basics on your website, and work with you to create graphics and promotions that get your business in front of your target market.

There are two packages to choose from to start: 

If you know you need something yet are not quite ready to buy a package, let's set up an initial consulting session and determine where you are at, where you want to go, and what it's going to take to get you there.

Business Plans

​Business plans are at the heart of a successful business. They provide a roadmap for success, as well as benchmarks that give you an idea if your company is heading in the right direction. They are so much more than simply a tool to justify getting funded. If done well and correctly, a business plan will provide you with a clear and comprehensive understanding of how your business is put together.  


When you write out your business plan, you are essentially 'forced' to review your business all at once and ask the important questions: 'Who are you?, What is your value proposition? Who is your competitor, and how are you better than they are? What is your plan for operations, finances and staffing?  I encourage you to set up an initial consulting session and let's see where you are, what you need, and how to get there from here. 

The creation of a well-written business plan can help you establish ways to monitor your progress and can reveal gaps in your preparation, planning, or operations. It can also be a very effective sales and recruiting tool for courting key employees or future investors.

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