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Sarah Zink

Business Training

I am a seasoned behavioral, change management and emotional intelligence 

consultant and corporate trainer. I provide individual and group training, from front-line workers to C-level executives.

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Sarah Says


As a certified Master Coach, I work with motivated individuals to mindfully focus their attention and efforts toward productive and powerful growth.

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I've been a quilter since I was 12. I make them, repair and restore them and love them. I don't quilt for perfection, I quilt for the love of it. 

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My Eco-Friendly Non-Profit

How Can Used Plastic Grocery Sacks Help the Homeless and the Environment at the Same Time?


I created Sarah's Bag ladies as a social movement to bring awareness to the volume of plastic bag waste and to inspire individuals to recycle these bag and to help the homeless in the Fort Worth area and around the world. By converting used grocery bags into plastic yarn, we are able to convert something useless into something useful and helpful.