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Sarah Zink 20 Tips for Power Chicks
20 Tips for Power Chicks​​


Click HERE to get your copy of the book about which Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price said: "Sarah Zink shares logic and knowledge that empowers women to be better communicators, powerful professionals, and effective time managers. She draws upon her own experiences to share wisdom about succeeding in our power-hungry world. Sarah turns the traditional 'woman as victim' mentality on its head. 20 Tips for Power Chicks not only perfectly identifies many of the obstacles facing women in the workplace today, but offers common sense tactics that every woman can put to good use instantly!"

Sarah Zink Blog on Emotional Intelligence, Women and Small Business Blog offers an excellent site with hundreds of thousands of great bloggers (myself included!). Check out my blog, and let me know what you think. If you have an idea for a topic, reach out to me via my contact page and let me know. 

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Daily Video Show
Sarah Zink Sarah Says Daily Brief Video Blogs
Sarah Says Daily Brief

"Sarah Says Daily Brief"  is a show that asks the question, "What Happens Next"? We all struggle, we all want MORE. And yet we strive and often miss the mark. Sarah offers inspiration and advice to be more powerful in your own life.

Sarah Zink Workbook Not Everyone With a Checkbook is Your Customer
Not Everyone With a Checkbook Is Your Customer


Click the image to view, download or print a copy of this practical, easy-to-read, 64-page workbook on how to find your target market. This book, first published in 2007, is in use in business assistance centers, high school entrepreneurial programs and small business coaching offices across the country.